DIY Christmas ornaments


Do you like DIY holiday gifts? They are my absolute favorite, to give and to receive.

I’ve planned a few DIY Christmas gifts this year, and I’ll share those with you all as I make them. I’m very excited to make these, and I hope you’ll give these a try. Whether they’re for someone else or just for you, they really get you into the spirit of the season.

First up, these adorable cross-stitch ornaments!

They each took about an hour to make, plus or minus a few finger pricks. But of course you could make these more complicated with more colors or details. I’m personally a big fan of the minimalist, Scandinavian-like feel to these adorable ornaments.

The original patterns were from The Nesting Needle on Etsy.

I did make backs for these hoops with cardboard and fabric, but you could just as easily keep the back open to let the lights shine through.

Happy Holidays, and happy crafting!

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