DIY holiday garland


Are you looking for some easy DIY décor that makes a big impact this season? I love how this garland turned out, and I think it makes the space so cozy.

Read on to learn how I made this fun project.

All you’ll need is some yarn, wooden beads, scrap cardboard, and a knitting needle (optional).

Step one: Make the tassels! Cut out a rectangle of cardboard about the length you’d like your tassels to be. Wrap your yarn vertically along the cardboard until you reach your desired thickness (mine were about 50 wraps).

Carefully slip the yarn off the cardboard. Cut a small piece of yarn and tie one side of the wrapped yarn very tightly. Then cut the ends of the opposite side of the wrapped yarn, and trim to your liking.

Voila – a tassel! Now repeat that as about 10-15 more times.

Step 2: String the beads and tassels. Cut another length of yarn to be your main garland string. Alternating between tassels and beads, string your main garland until it includes all of the tassels you made.

I used a knitting needle to help guide the thread through the tassels and beads. You could do this by hand, but it might take a little more finessing.

This is optional, but in order to keep the beads from grouping together along my garland, I made knots where I wanted them to sit, and I slipped the beads over the knots. This has helped the beads stayed put after I hung this on the wall.

There you have it. A fun craft project for the whole family to decorate your home for the holidays.

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